Follow Up: NJ Chamber Alliance Meeting

Chamber Colleagues:


Here is some follow up information from today’s meeting:


Federal Community Projects Requests

You may recall from a few months ago that we shared with you members of Congress can request up to 10 “Community Projects” that will be considered for funding in the annual appropriations bills.  To see the list of requests from each congressional member, click here.  Our team pulled the NJ information and put together that attached spreadsheet.


President’s Executive Order

Last week, President Biden signed an Executive Order enacting 72 initiatives to “promote competition”.  To learn more, click here.  To review the US Chamber’s statement, click here.


“Recovery Not Taxes” Campaign

The US Chamber is coordinating a campaign to tell the President and Congress not to raise the corporate tax rate.  To send an automatically generated email to your representatives, click here.  Attached is the specific impact the proposed tax would have on NJ.


NJ Rankings – CNBC and Rich States, Poor States

Recently, CNBC and Rich States, Poor States came out with their annual/biannual reports on the United States’ economic outlook.  See below links to the reports.  See attached for a breakdown of NJ’s rankings.

CNBC Report:

Rich States, Poor States


Cannabis Regulatory Deadlines

Municipalities have until August 21st to pass ordinances banning marijuana sales and businesses or altering their zoning laws to regulate where such businesses could be located.  The Cannabis Regulatory Commission just met on Tuesday and has until August 21st, as well, to publish the draft regulations pertaining to the recreational adult-use cannabis industry.  For more information, click here.


As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or issues.





Laura M. Gunn
Vice President, Government Relations

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
216 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608

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